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Any sound, style, and genre. Since 2006.

Be honest, have you ever hum something to yourself in the shower or in the car and say to yourself, “I think I just made this up… This would sound pretty cool if it were a real song!” ?

I’ve turned this exact process into a career, so I can easily and personally guarantee that it can be done.

Here’s how this works:


You tell me in detail what sound and emotion you are trying to capture. Give me moods, reference examples, and send some of your current work so I can get a feel of where you are professionally, and where we think this track should go.


This is a collaboration. This is two musicians working together, brainstorming as a team to transform inspiration into creation.


Caveat: This is not an automated process. Meaning, I will work with you and revise the instrumental until it hits the exact emotions you want to capture. The time-frame is dependent on you.

Act NOW on your Inspiration 

Musical inspiration is like the weather, it comes and goes. Sooner or later, if we don’t work together fast to turn your ideas into an actual work of art, those very ideas that could lead to a hit song will eventually vanish.

If you don’t want to let that happen, and, only if you’re ready to work on this together, let’s get started. Today!

Questions about this service? 

The Mission

I’m on the same mission as when I was 9 years old. To tap into and share in all the emotions we go through as humans through audio.