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Sean Original

Composer.                            Songwriter.                     Mixing Engineer.

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A Little Bit About Me…

I’m a composer, musician, songwriter, and mixing engineer with over 12 years experience. Since 2006 I’ve had millions of song plays online, sold thousands of rights to instrumentals, and some professional placements. 



Why Music?

I’ve always been an introverted dude. My innate tendency is to sort things out in my head, rather than talk about them. So, when I lost both my uncle Ben and uncle John within a very short period as a kid, I was at a total loss for what to do emotionally.

I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t talk about it.

Unfortunately for me, trying to mentally process death on your own as an 9 year old, not very effective (surprising, I know)…

Nothing worked. Coincidentally, this was around the time I took up an instrument.The only way I found how to grieve was through creating sad melodies of music on my piano.

That’s when I began to ask myself the question: “What other emotions can I express through my music?”


I was 9. I couldn’t afford the Roland’s and Korg’s of the time, but I had a CASIO keyboard and a Walkman that could record tape. I would record strings on one tape, bassline on another, drums on another, piano on the next, and then recorded all the tapes playing at once. The quality was absolute garbage, but it was a start, and I loved it.


The Journey:

Fueled with a love for piano, I ended up in a private charter school, performing lead solos as a pianist and keyboardist in the orchestra in concerts down in St. Petersburg, Orlando, Nashville, and back home to NYC in world famous venues such as the Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall where we performed with notable artists Doug E. Fresh and Carlos Santana.

Looking back, those were some pretty serious experiences for a little kid from the Bronx. I was on stage jamming out behind a KORG Triton, just like the pros.

Soon enough it was time for High School.

Then the question became: “How do I express my emotions, creativity, and musical talents professionally?”

In comes the world of Digital Audio Workstations. Using this affordable alternative to expensive synthesizers, at 14 I was finally able to compose and arrange my own instrumentals to an industry standard.

By age 17, I had over 7 million song plays online, sold thousands of non-exclusive leases, and hundreds of exclusive deals for my instrumentals.

…By age 18, it was time to “grow up”, go to college, and “get a real job”.

I didn’t know it at the time, but this was a mistake.

As a son of immigrant parents, all I’ve ever heard (and all they believed) is that you need a college degree to have a good life.

By age 26, I had a bachelor’s and a master’s degree and after a year had just received a bonus on top of my 60k salary as well as a company car, and a 4k raise.

…And I was miserable. I had external signs of success, but for 6 years I was self-sabotaging left and right, destroying my health, losing friends, ruining romantic relationships and relationships with my family.

Inevitably, I lost that job and had to start over. And I didn’t even care. But why?

Why was I constantly disappointing people in my life?

Why did I seem to always, without fail, do something to ruin an otherwise “good job” or “good opportunity for my career”, as if I was addicted to self-sabotage?

A few months of reading and soul searching made it plain as day. I had turned away from my love of creating music. My love for music had turned into fear.

I realized at that moment that I am a musician to my CORE. And, if I ever stray from perfecting my craft, misery and self-destruction are sure to follow. 

I realized my purpose. It hasn’t changed since I was 9 years old:

To tap into and share in all the emotions we go through as humans through audio.

The Now

Now, I have a greater respect for my craft, and all musicians alike.

In a society that tells us art is worthless, I stand with artists who say otherwise.

Shying away from my dreams and living according to the status quo only served to make me miserable. I hated it and I don’t want anyone living a fraudulent lifestyle because the world tells them “you cant do that”.

I realize now, very simply, that if I don’t share my gifts with the world, then what the hell am I doing here with my time?

This is why I continue to produce works of art, as well as services to help other musicians with their art as well.

I’m absolutely obsessed with what I do in music, and I want to work with others who truly feel the same.


– Sean Original

“If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that… I believe in what I do, and I’ll say it.” ― John Lennon

To Date:

12+ Years Experience

465 Completed Projects

2089 Happy Clients


Feel free to contact me with any questions